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Prostitution in Colorado 1880-1915.
This blog is for a class project that my group and I are putting together. The project is about the history of prostitution between 1880-1915 in the Southwest. The state that I have chosen to write about is Colorado. Hope you enjoy!
What brought the women?
“In 1860, gold was discovered in nearby California Gulch and the tent city of Oro City popped up. But that strike was soon exhausted and most of the miners left. Then in 1876, some newcomers realized that the heavy sand left behind in the pine woods as a nuisance by the previous prospectors was actually silver carbonate and another mining rush was on. By 1877, Leadville was the most famous silver-mining camp on Earth. By 1890, the 30,000 fortune hunters who lived and worked here made Leadville the second largest city in Colorado”(Sangres).
This picture is of Market Street in Colorado. This was also a popular place for prostitution and sinning during 1900-1910.
This area was known as the “red light district”. This area was a very popular area for brothels, prostitution, gambling, and drinking.
This is an index of a few of the early articles on prostitution in CO about 1880. (click picture to go to actual website where primary source was found).
Denver Murders of Prostitutes in 1894.
For a few months after the murders of the three prostitues many fallen women were actually scared for their lives. The women paid more attention to who their clients were and the types of services that they provided. The three unlucky prostitutes were Lena Tapper who was 37, Marie Contassot who was 23, and Kiku Oyama who was 19 years old. The police were pretty sure that a male was responsible for all three of the murders because all three murders were very similar. The person who killed these women probably did it just to shake things up or maybe wanted to slow down the business of brothels. The murderer wanted to create a sense of fear and that is what he created. The prostitutes who could afford it packed up and left and others just laid low for a bit. Most madams just increased security for the girls. These three prostitutes were well known and all worked as independent prostitutes. When the prostitutes were referred to as “independent prostitutes” that means that they worked on their own and out of their own houses. The authorities did not find the person who killed all three of the girls. Finally, after the murders blew over everyone went back to normal.

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