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The man from the union finally retrieves Julli from his talk about prostitution. They leave for the upper floor through the kitchen.
On any given weekend night in Tallinn, there are other Finnish men there for the same reason. (Estonia’s Health Ministry recently estimated that 45 percent of men using prostitutes in Estonia are Finnish ed.)
Hanski, who works in the construction industry, said he’s been visiting Tallinn since 1988. He’s not worried by the news that HIV infections have increased dramatically in Estonia over the past two years.
You can tell from her looks what kind of a girl you have, he insisted. I have 20 years of experience.
Taxis pull up to another Tallinn brothel. Officially it’s a striptease joint, and a hotel that charges by the hour. A dozen women sit in a row along a wall inside. The group includes two girls who are clearly no older than 16. One indicates that the girls are working. Their attention is directed either at the door or the bar. An older woman boasts that she can recognize a Finn the second he steps through the door: They’re very drunk and they say they want sex.
When drunk, Finns are genial clients, she says; the worst thing is when someone wants to have sex without a condom.
In the morning, just before the boat is scheduled to return to Helsinki, Julli and his friend eat hamburgers at the Viru Center. Julli walks over to shove some coins down a slot machine.
He calculates that the whole trip cost him virtually nothing. The room for one night, shared with his friend, cost them each just 400 kroons (25 dollars). The hour with the prostitute was another 400 kroons.
On the way to the port, the friend picks Julli up in his cab. The driver looks over to encourage the sleepy Finns: So what if you spent some money. You experienced some of life’s greatest joys.
Arriving at the ferry terminal, the duo head for the bar. The return to everyday life always scares Julli a bit.
Tomorrow I will lie down at home with a hangover and I’ll regret coming here, he said. The kids will come over in the evening.
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