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Berlin Clubs and Brothels (Leave feedback)
Women wearing skin-tight and provocative clothes work around the roadside near Hackescher Markt. There are also some streetwalkers offering services in Potsdamer Strasse and Ku’damm. Many parts of Berlin and its red light districts have plenty of street prostitutes, so tourist can find more girls in areas such as Bulowstra?e, Kurfustenstra?e, Einemstra?e, and others.
Those who are not satisfied with strip bars and clubs can visit swinger clubs. Many of the venues in Berlin host parties and events that let singles and couples explore their sensual fantasies. Here are some of the most notable swinger clubs in the city:
Club Insomnia – it is a popular place for clubbers and swingers. It hosts swinger parties and certain fetish nights. Interested parties can visit http://www.insomnia-berlin.de/ for more information. Avaus Berlin – this hosts regular events, like Chocolate Sunday. It has plenty of facilities and other areas, perfect to explore visitors. For more information, clients can visit http://www.avarus-berlin.com/. Zwanglos III – this is the oldest swinger club in the capital. It features an erotic atmosphere and host parties and events like cocktail nights and gangbangs. More information is posted on their website, http://zwanglos-swingerclub.de/. Swingeroase Zwiespalt – it hosts themed nights daily. Interested swingers can visit http://www.swingeroase-zwiespalt.de/ for more details about the parties. Club Culture Houze – this caters to swingers of all groups. It has regular events and some sex parties. More information is posted on their website, http://club-culture-houze.de/eng/home-2/.
Berlin Legal (Leave feedback)
Prostitution was legalised in the country in 2002, which paved the way to an incredible rise in Germany’s sex industry. Reports suggest there are now mega-brothels (with 12 floors) in the main cities, as well as sex boxes outdoors. The worth of prostitution or sex industry in the country is now 15 billion euros per year.
The aim of legalising prostitution in the country was to recognise it as a form of a job. This gave sex workers an opportunity to get contracts, apply for health insurance, and register for other government benefits. Exploiting sex workers, however, is considered a criminal act.
Women from European Union countries can work as prostitutes in Germany, while those from other countries should get a work permit. It is illegal to hire workers under 18 years old or encourage those who are under 21 to work as a prostitute. It is also an offence to avail or contract services from those who are under 18.
Prostitution in Berlin is allowed everywhere, but in other parts of the country, there are zone-off areas or places where selling of sex services is prohibited. The politicians, however, have recently made it legal to have sex without using a condom.
The new law also tackles mandatory licencing of brothels and complying with legal standards. This will now be sent for the president’s approval before taking effect in July 2017. In the new law, punishment for violations by buyers, pimps, and workers can include fines or withdrawal of a brothel’s licence.
When it comes to LGBT laws and rights, same-sex marriage is not legal, but the registered partnership is allowed. This gives members of the community obligations and rights in different areas such as name change, inheritance, health insurance, alimony, and immigration.
In 2005, the government has allowed stepchild adoption for same-sex couples. There were also improvements with regards to alimony and property division. LGBT discrimination is illegal. Germany signed the Treaty of Amsterdam and amended the national law, giving all the same rights.
Berlin Nightlife (Leave feedback)
Berlin has probably the best clubbing scene in Europe. Clubs and bars are abundant in the capital, offering nightlife venues for everyone. Here are some of the best locations for nightlife entertainment.
Berghain/Panorama Bar – a worldwide famous club with the best sound system. This is one of the best places to dance all night and enjoy quality music; located in Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin. Watergate – one of the best clubs in the city, playing tech-house music. It is good for partying and meeting guys or girls; located in Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg. Tresor – this is the biggest techno-club in the capital. It has several dance floors and an amazing sound system; located in Kopenicker Strasse 70 10179 Berlin Mitte. About Blank – it boasts an expansive ground, ideal for open-air events and partying. This amazing club also hosts different kinds of parties; located in Markgrafendamm 24c 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain. Salon Zur Wilden Renate – this wild and circus-like venue hosts diverse and original parties. It is a great place to listen to bizarre music and meet unexpected people; located in Alt-Stralau 70 10245 Berlin.
Berlin LGBT (Leave feedback)
Berlin has a gay village known as Schoneberg, which is one of the first in the world. It remains as the main gay area in the capital, hosting the Strassenfest, which is the largest street festival for gays and lesbians in Europe.

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