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"Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel,…" Now, here’s where these ‘replacement theologians’ have to throw all these things out and say that everything has been given to the Church. So, then they try to put the Church under the covenant promises. Listen, has the Church today come to this place spiritually? Have every one of you and I here in this room; have we come to this place? Well, if you have you’re a lot better than I am because I haven’t. But it’ll come one day, for Israel. So, we’re not under this covenant. Now, we enjoy all the things that God has done to make this covenant possible, of course, but we’re not a covenant people.
"…that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: 32. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake,…" In other words, it’s not going to be a covenant of Law and sacrifices and feast days and so forth. It’s going to be something far beyond that.
"But this…" This is what’s coming in Israel’s future, spiritually. Now, we’ve already seen what’s coming materially and physically – the glorious earth, the glorious production, the glorious peace and prosperity – all these things in the physical and in the material. But here’s the spiritual. This will just put the whole thing together.
"But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward part, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people." My, what a relationship Israel is finally going to have with their Creator God.
"And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor,…" Why? Everybody will know all there is to know. They won’t have to teach people how to keep the Law. They won’t have to memorize and be able to understand that certain things are wrong. No, it’ll be written in their hearts. They will have a relationship with their Maker like they have never enjoyed before.
"…and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me,…" There won’t have to be any evangelism. They won’t have to be out trying to win the lost. They will all have that same relationship with their God.
"…for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, (Remember, Israel has been guilty of a lot of it.) and I will remember their sin no more." That’s what God said. Israel is finally going to come to the place where God will not have one iota of fault against them. They will be as perfect as a human race can be perfect. All right, now then, verse 35. If these people think that God is all through with Israel, then, you see, they have to throw these verses away. They have to just totally reject them, because here it is.
"Thus saith the LORD, (the Creator God) who giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the LORD of Hosts is his name:" Now, here’s the promise!
"If (conditional) those ordinances depart from before me, (In other words, if the sun falls out of its place, and if the moon would fall out of its orbit, the stars would simply start coming together in a conflagration. If that would happen…) saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever."
These people try to tell us that the Jew disappeared shortly after 70 AD. But the sun still shines. The moon is still in its orbit. Everything is according to His divine plan. Nothing catastrophic has happened. Well, that being the case, then Israel is still a valid entity. Don’t you ever be taken in by this stuff, because that’s all it is. Listen, they’re coming in like a flood. I’m reading more and more how people are falling for this whole idea that God is through with the Jew, and that there is no such thing as a Rapture. There’s no Tribulation coming. There are no great catastrophic events, because, after all, God is all through with Israel. But, my Bible says – No Way!
All right, let’s go back where we were in Isaiah 61.
"And their seed…" That is their children, their coming generations. They will be having children. Now, you want to remember when I talk about the Kingdom, that this is going to be a Kingdom of mortal human beings. Men and women having children, having families. But, Israel will be the apple of God’s eye. They will be the recipients of all of these promises given to them as a nation of people. So, yes, they will be having children and families.
"And their seed (and their children) shall be known among the Gentiles, and their off- spring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the LORD hath blessed." They’re going to be so uniquely blessed that all the Gentile nations present in the Kingdom will recognize them for who they are. All right, now verse 10, this is a verse that I’ve used in various ways, where Isaiah now writes:

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This notion of a “request” is important. In almost any transaction, the person initiating the purchase of the service is the one who frames the exchange. When you go to hire that plumber, he doesn’t turn around and say, “You know, I see your toilet is clogged, but I’d rather fix this leaky faucet.” Your French teacher doesn’t get to decide the day’s lesson will be on the Baltic languages whether her class likes it or not. Professionals in the service industry might provide advice to customers or guide them from a position of authority, but they’ll never provide a service that doesn’t at least meet some need or desire on the part of the customer. If they did, the customer wouldn’t pay (why would he?) and the transaction would be over.
This doesn’t mean that the service provider’s desires are irrelevant — only that they don’t, by themselves, determine the transaction. For example, I’ve spent years working as an appraiser of rare and antique books, something I absolutely adore. I don’t think I ever appraised a book I didn’t want to appraise, and I went out of my way many times to grow appraisal jobs and guide them towards the best samples I could find. Between poring over old classics and digging up obscure treasures, it was a job I very nearly would have done for free. But it was still the customer’s desire, not mine, that determined what, how, and when I performed my labor. Or, to put it another way, while I said that I may never have appraised a book I didn’t want to appraise, I know for damn sure I never appraised a book the customer didn’t want appraised. How could I? If they didn’t want it, they wouldn’t have been my customer!
Of course, prostitution isn’t comparable to bookselling, even for the people who say it’s a job like any other. But the larger point stands: We’ve all worked a job we didn’t desire, and we all have desires for jobs that don’t and possibly can’t exist. But no one has worked a job their employer didn’t desire be done. In any service industry, it’s the person fronting the bill — he or she who requests the service — that determines what the service will be.
A lot of this seems like boring theoretical busy work, and it very well might be. But the implications for prostitution are enormous. Because prostitution is a service, and because men are overwhelmingly the ones requesting that service, it’s reasonable to assume based on the previous paragraphs that men are the ones who define what prostitution is and how it plays out in the global marketplace. Considering that prostitution involves a physical act, that means that prostitution is an industry in which men tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.
Just like a plumber is never going to leave your toilet overflowing while he redesigns your bathtub, and your French teacher is never going to start lecturing in Estonian, a woman in prostitution is never going to perform a sex act that doesn’t align with the desire of a male client. That’s not the same as saying she’ll never have any desire of her own for that sex act (although it’s worth asking if a meaningful proportion do). It just means that her desire isn’t the reason that sex act is being performed. Because I’m stuck at my parents’ house this weekend and their Internet is too slow for most of my video games, I decided to take the time and make a chart showing the intersection of male and female desire in the sex industry:
If a sex act is desired by both the male client and the woman in prostitution, then of course it’s likely to happen. And by the same token, there’s very little chance of two people performing a sex act if both find it unappealing. After that, though, the pattern diverges. If a woman in prostitution actually enjoys a sex act, but her male client doesn’t, his refusal to pay outweighs her desire. But sex acts desired by men and not by women are performed in prostitution all the time, whether through the grudging acceptance of the woman or through unambiguous sexual coercion. Even with a generous estimate, it’s likely that hundreds of women endure unwanted sex acts in prostitution for every man who does the same — or, to put it another way, male desire is literally hundreds of time more influential than female desire when it comes to what sex acts occur in prostitution.
This asymmetry exists everywhere in prostitution, not just in the actual sex. A quick search online for brothels and escort agencies comes back with a range of mannerisms, clothing, and presentation choices that could charitably be described as, well… narrow. Beyond a few specialty schoolgirl outfits, nurse ensembles, and one punk-themed “sex dungeon,” the vast majority of women on display are thin, white, wearing heavy makeup, and displayed in some form of lingerie. (The women who aren’t white are specifically marketed as submissive Asians, “fiery” Latinas, and even more explicit racial epithets for Afrikan women.) Exactly as you’d expect, the vast majority of aesthetic choices made in prostitution align with what men generally find arousing.
Of course, it’s theoretically possible that every single woman in these brothel and escort advertisements has an authentic desire to dress like a schoolgirl or in lingerie (although, again, it’s absurd to actually think that). Regardless, that’s not a reasonable explanation for why those styles are so commonly seen. Many women have an authentic desire to wear jeans and t-shirts. Others wear overalls, sweaters with pictures of woodland creatures, ballroom gowns, or knit scarves. But those are rarely, if ever, seen in prostitution — and, if they are, they would only be seen by men who specified that they had those precise interests. Just like in any other industry, women in prostitution have financial incentive to privilege male interest over any personal desires they may or may not have.

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Certainly, the Clubes de Alterne are full of immigrants, mostly from Romania and Central and South America. Barely 2% of the prostitutes in Spain are Spanish and, of those, hardly any work in the clubs. In the tight communities of Spanish villages and towns this would be tantamount to social suicide – notwithstanding the widespread use and acceptance of the Clubs de Alterne by Spanish men.
Membership of ANELA, a self-policing organisation, is the just about the closest that brothels in Spain get to being regulated in Spain. As a condition of membership, a club must be a properly registered business, such as a hotel or bar licensed for renting rooms. It must also expressly undertake not to allow anyone on the premises under eighteen, any usage of drugs or involuntary prostitution. Furthermore, the club must agree to co-operate fully with the police, whilst ensuring monthly medical checks-up for the women.
The El Cisne club, just south of Valencia city, is a demonstration of the potential benefits of legalisation and regulation. This middle ranking ‘club’ is actually a hotel in which the women live, paying 50 euros a day for full board. A softly-spoken professional hotelier runs the ‘club’, which has a full-time chef, a restaurant, swimming pool, salon and internet area for the women. Only slightly more garish than a UK travel lodge, El Cisne is immaculately clean, tidy and un-intimidating, with a recognisable hotel foyer and several rooms for ‘short term’ rental – each of which has a shower and WC and an emergency button.
Of course, El Cisne has a surreal feel about it as, during the long working hours (5pm to 4am), it has fifty semi-naked women roaming through the large bar area to the rooms above, the internet area or their own salon. There is also a bizarrely competitive atmosphere, as the women desperately try to gain the attention of any men entering the bar, at which time they are free to negotiate any deal they wish. Whatever they earn (normally 60 Euros for half an hour in one of the guest rooms) is a matter for them and of no financial interest to the club.
Left alone to speak to a number of the women, a crude straw poll indicated that the women at El Cisne were there voluntarily, all were immigrants and all had come knowing what they would be doing. Hating the nature of the work, the women saw it as their only way to make any money, having come from desperate poverty in their own countries. They said that their clientele came from all walks of life with three out of ten men treating them gently, whilst nine out of ten men spent no more than half an hour with them. They felt safe at El Cisne and, despite the obviously distasteful nature of the work, were clearly much better off than prostituting themselves elsewhere – let alone on the unprotected horrors of a public street governed by oppressive pimps.
Clearly, brothels in Spain such as El Cisne provide a benchmark delivery system for both a consenting male and female that is practically acceptable. However, the excoriating sadness of prostitution is inescapable. In 2003 Medicos de Mundo published a report in which they stated that: ‘prostitution was the modern slavery of the 21 st century’ and that ‘most women and children abandon prostitution ill, traumatised and poorer than when they started’.
Whilst the Medicos de Mundo report undoubtedly has the sting of absolute truth, it is hard to see how prostitution can be eradicated until the pitiless trauma and impossible conundrum of world poverty is adequately tackled. It is no co-incidence that the overwhelming majority of prostitutes are from countries ravaged by war or dire economic plight. Therefore any ‘consent’ to becoming a prostitute is normally driven by desperation and then, all too often, sustained for too long when an anaesthetising drug habit takes hold.
In Spain, it looks as though the profusion of Clubes de Alterne is here to stay. As Vicente B, a Valencian businessman says: ‘the Clubes de Alterne are a part of Spanish culture. They have always existed in one form or another. It is just that over the past ten years they have become more obvious and much more sophisticated, with some clubs delivering a luxury service in truly opulent surroundings’. Certainly, it is difficult to envisage persuading Spanish men not to use Clubes de Alterne – and if this desire exists and is universally accepted, then there will always be a demand for it, in one form or another.
However, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that Spain has missed an opportunity to courageously legalise and tightly regulate prostitution. Clearly, not doing so only acts to keep prostitution underground and pushes it further into the hands of organised crime, thus continuing to make it unsafe and dangerous for all parties. And it is hard to imagine more vulnerable people than young women working in an appallingly distressing business, often far from home and any possible help. More prosaically, of course, the government is condoning an enormous cash industry that is impossible to tax as, by definition, the earnings are not properly legal.

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While some Singapore brothels actually do offer quality women for decent prices, there are also unscrupulous whore houses thriving in Singapore. In fact these days Geylang has as many dangers as delights. You should know that Singapore red light districts are no longer safe havens for cheap sex. Real dangers to you are on the rise, and it’s sound advice to educate yourself before seeking pleasure in Singapore, especially at night.
How To Avoid Singapore Tourist Traps.
Touristy cat houses in Geylang are often identified by their large red street numbers, and typically operate from mid afternoon until 3-5 am. But the more discrete speakeasy brothels are what seasoned travelers prefer. Not only is the quality much higher, they’re also more likely to satisfy fetishes and almost any fantasy you might have. These “dream brothels” of Singapore, once discovered, will serve you with plenty of fantastic memories for a lifetime. Not only that, you’ll easily avoid the traps & scams that plague the average tourist. Private tours in Geylang are in greater demand than ever these days, with good reason. These savvy local guides know the very best brothels, and the premium prices you’ll pay almost guarantee you an amazing experience in Singapore.
Steam brothels are one of Geylang's best kept secrets.
Local Expert Unleashes Mobile Red Light Guide.
One exciting alternative to high-end private tours is Rodney Colter’s Singapore Red Light District Guide. Geylang insider Colter reveals where you will find your dream girl…the young Asian & Eastern European imports who service only the well-informed travelers, and for friendly local prices. Compatible with mobile devices, it’s become an exciting new option for visitors to Singapore and allows you to choose only services hand picked by a local expert.
Who Should NOT Use The Singapore Red Light Guide.
Colter’s Guide is NOT for everybody. In some cases you are better off without it. High rollers & VIP’s can afford to hire personal tour guides, like Colter, Daniel Richards or Randolph Heinz, adding even more security to the experience. The cost is higher, but some men prefer the security of knowing they’re being personally accompanied by the city’s best pleasure guides. Stag Groups are also probably better off going with a party tour group which includes pleasure centers. Colter’s Guide is for you if you are looking for discrete, high-quality companionship in Geylang’s brothel area. Business travelers and tourists who are new to Geylang or simply looking to “upgrade” their past experience, Colter’s pdf guide is guaranteed to instantly deliver. Whichever method you choose to experience Geylang, keep your safety first and enjoy yourself to the fullest!
Five ways to determine if she is a prostitute.
This weekend’s list contains important information that could save you a lot of hassle, potential incarceration and hefty fines. Many a man has found himself in a situation where he needs to determine, quickly, if the woman he is talking to is a prostitute. Perhaps you brush up against her at Whole Foods or catch her eye while lifting weights at the Sports Barn. What if you are at a concert, and the girl behind you decides to ride on your shoulders? Is she a lady of the night? I don’t know. Maybe. You can’t be too sure. Here are some ways to vet out the situation.
My go-to question. I try to ask this at the very beginning of the conversation. She doesn’t have to answer, but her immediate response will tell you all you need to know. If she says, “Are you serious?” and becomes offended, she is most likely not a prostitute. You can now continue the conversation if she is willing. She may not be, though, but this is a chance you MUST take. You don’t want to be sitting in an apartment three years into a relationship and have her calmly tell you she “enjoys sleeping with men for money sometimes” while baking cupcakes. The onus is on you to determine whether she is a prostitute. She won’t tell you unless you are a client, but then it doesn’t matter.
Prostitutes will sometimes change their name to something ridiculous to protect their identity. If she tells you her name is “Sparkles,” “Bubbles” or “Snapz,” you need to move in the opposite direction. Those are not Christian names. In fact, she is giving you a direct hint that she is more interested in a business exchange than a loving, long-term relationship. You need to also be careful with overly common names like “Brittany” and “Christy.” I know many women with those names, of which roughly 10 percent are known prostitutes. Just be careful. All women named “Sparkles” are prostitutes and probably have penises.
Ask, “Are you friends with Barney?”
How many phones does she have?
This is common sense. Many prostitutes will carry two cellphones: one for their personal life and another for their sexual life. Be wary of a beautiful lady who has two phones, especially if she checks both constantly. She will tell you the second phone is a “work phone,” which is exactly what it is. That phone is probably linked to some seedy Internet profile page that hundreds of guys are ogling. There is a number on that page that links directly to the phone she’s carrying. Keep an ear out for phrases like “MoMo in 30” and “full service is 25 roses.” These are not things people say unless they have sex for money.

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The following men were arrested on Jan. 30 and charged with solicitation of prostitution and use of a vehicle to support prostitution:
Jerrod De’Andre Braxton, 24, of the 1400 block of Victoria Blvd., Hampton Jason Michael Browne, 42, of the first block of Patriot Circle, Newport News Ralph Helmut Brunner, 51, of the 300 block of Crestwood Court, Yorktown David Cruz, 34, of the 100 block of Regent Drive, Hampton Geoffrey David Fraites, 48, of the 100 block of Harrington Road, Newport News Johnny Chandarith Mau, 46, of the 900 block of Doewood Lane, Newport News Cory Bain Robinson, 39, of the 1000 block of Willow Green Drive, Newport News Clarence Edward Sheppard, 32, of the 500 block of Rivers Retreat, Elizabeth City, N.C. Kyle Sydney Steinbergin, 21, of the 900 block of Chartwell Drive, Newport News Nathan Everette Walker, 26, of the 200 block of Thoreau Circle, Yorktown.
Anyone with information about suspected prostitution activities is asked to call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.
Madrid’s Red Light District.
Though a long way from the very public red light district of Amsterdam, Madrid's sex district is so central and interwoven into normal Madrid that it's a good thing that Madrid's sex district is safe – if it wasn't, a lot of Madrid's most important streets would be off limits!
However, there is a second area of town, the Casa de Campo park to the west of the city, where prostitutes tend to congregate.
The atmosphere here is more unsavory and best avoided.
Red Light District in Madrid.
Madrid's sex district is little more than a large number of sex shops, invariably with 'cabins' to watch pornography and some with peep shows. A few also offer contact with the 'models'.
The biggest such sex shops are on Calle Atocha, the street that connects the main Atocha train station with the center. One of them also has a museum of erotic art.
The other main areas where you will find such shops are on c/Montera (between Puerta del Sol and Gran Via) and in the streets immediately north of Gran Via. Not long ago, there was even a sex shop on Gran Via itself. But the whole area is cleaning up, with Montera now pedestrianized and a ?casino at the top of the street.
The only area we would recommend keeping away from (at night, at least) is c/Luna, a large plaza/street just north of Gran Via. The streets around here have a number of sex shops and at night attract prostitutes, but in the daytime, there are restaurants and people around, making it a safe place to be.
Prostitutes congregate around this area north of Gran Via, as well as on the aforementioned c/Montera. They are known to hassle men, making distinctly unattractive clucking noises (I've no idea on what planet that is considered sexy) and at times grabbing hold of men. Montera at night is when there are the most prostitutes on the streets and so is probably best avoided.
However, apart from the fact that it is aesthetically displeasing, trouble rarely occurs. Women in particular, as long as they keep walking, should not have anything to fear – it is obvious which girls are the prostitutes, so neither the sex workers nor their clients are likely to pay you any attention. Men should be more wary, as the amorous attention that the girls 'lavish' on you is often accompanied with stray hands that might find their way onto your wallet.
Newport News police arrest 23 men, 14 women in undercover prostitution sting.
Newport News police arrested 23 men and 14 women in a nationwide undercover prostitution operation that took place in January.
The police department conducted the operation over four days, Jan. 15 and 16, and Jan. 29 and 30, using undercover officers on streets, in hotels and on the Internet as part of the Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff’s Office “National Day of Johns Arrests,” Newport News Police Department spokeswoman Holly McPherson said.
The nationwide effort involved 37 agencies in 17 states, and led to prostitution-related charges for about 570 men, according to information from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.
The identities of women who were arrested on prostitution charges as part of the operation are not being released as police look into potential links into sex trafficking, McPherson said. Police are also not releasing the names of the hotels where the operation was being conducted.
The following men were arrested on Jan. 16 and charged with solicitation of prostitution and use of a vehicle to promote prostitution:
Eric Daniel Ingram, 27, of the 700 block of J Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News Marcellus Michael Kashin, 47, of the block 100 block of Cambridge Place, Hampton Alvaro Lopez-Mendez, 20, 800 block of Forrest Drive, Newport News.
Rolando Lopez-Mendez, 19, 800 block of Forrest Drive, Newport News, was also arrested but only charged with solicitation of prostitution.
On Jan. 29, Aaron Keith Robinson, 23, of the 600 block of Antrim Drive in Newport News, was arrested and charged with aiding prostitution, use of a vehicle to promote prostitution, receiving money to promote prostitution, receive money from earnings of prostitution (pandering) and cause a person to maintain a bawdy place.

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