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Prostitute Hotel in high gear. – Motel 24h Kassel.
Really bad experience getting a room next to a prostitutes room, but after a very long drive we had no alternative for the night.
Nice hotel near A45, easy to find. A pleasent stay 🙂
Nice breakfest, lost of parking space and very quiet.
We had an overnight stay at the Formule 1 Kassel on the way from Denmark to Austria for skiing. Located near the motorway, which is easy if you just stay overnight at the road trip but it is also the only positive we have to say about it.
Unattractive area and hotel. At the reception they wanted payment immediately, and we realized why when we came into the room. Never have we been in a hotelroom which smelled so much of cigarette smoke. We could hardly bear to be there, but had no energy to find another hotel at 10pm in the evening with 2 children.
Toilets and shower was in the hallway and looked like plastic booths and not something you want to use. Breakfast was boring. We quit going to the bathroom and hurried to drive on in the morning. It is cheap but not worth it. Find a good German hotel a little farther from the highway. We will certainly never stay at Formule 1 and Etap (same owner) hotels.
The site of prostitution.
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Please note that since July 1 2017 a new law came into force in Germany, including prohibiting advertising services such as nature blowjob, everything you need.
Soon we will return to this law and its consequences.
The government has given a deadline (until 31 December 2017), for clubs and girls put in good standing vis-a-vis the law, we will wait to see the first effects and reactions of clubs before you inform in.
By then, you can always download the guide of the best clubs here.
If one were to speak of a country on this site would be Germany. Indeed here prostitution is legal and regulated. Include all types of prostitution large clubs street prostitution through the red light districts. To speak of all we would see an entire site two or three, Here we will quickly scan countries. For more information you can read the section stories.
Prostitution was legalized by the law on prostitution in January 2002 which has improved the welfare and rights of prostitutes. They are entitled to a social status and a health insurance. Prostitutes pay taxes in Germany, club example girls pay 15 euros per day to freely exercise their trades.
Prostitution is considered a normal business. Only pimping and prostitution are illegal (fortunately).
Someone who arrives in Germany will not notice right away that this country is the number one sex. Prostitution is of course not visible to all and you can spend several days in Germany without crossing the road a prostitute. But when one looks a little closer to this topic, one discovers a true parallel world. Here everything is possible, all fantasies can satisfy, all types of prostitution coexist.
Welcome to the capital of Germany. The most famous places of prostitution here is certainly the Artemis Sauna Club meets almost one hundred girls daily. Go to section stories for more’ info this club, or on their website ;
FKK Artemis, Berlin.
But there’s a few other clubs fkk sauna club style, the top are in the special guide here.
Several private house there is also (private villas), but also street prostitution. You’ll find it via resource footer.
This name does certainly not, but it is one of the most important regions of Germany. Several major cities such as Cologne, Aachen with a small story is visible here, Food, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and other. This region is the most extensive in prostitution, there are also many clubs, that red light districts as well as private homes and also eros center such as Cologne by image.
Eros center de Cologne, inside.
The eros center are species of large hotels sex, as you can see girls this position in front of their rooms and the customer expects. The latter pays an entry fee of five dollars and then pay each girl separately. In Cologne each floor specialty, attention to the seventh floor they are transsexual it is better to know. There is also a bar on each floor with a drink of course fee. On the top floor there are also a private club. Their website :
But the specialty of this region is undoubtedly the wellness sauna club are present in tens. Many customers and international indeed many Belgians, Dutch, but other nations are over half Customer.
The best of these clubs are in the guide here, there are any, Make your choice according to your criteria any way few people are disappointed by a first visit to one of these clubs.
Of course there are red areas you will find resources via. There are also many private houses including one in Aachen that I like, not for physical girls, but for the service they provide I speak elsewhere here, and here link Direct to the club. Other private houses are also found via this link.
A visit to Aachen.
Again the name does not tell you much, Yet one of the most important cities in Germany is there ; Frankfurt. Other smaller cities but where prostitution is still present such as Wiesbaden, Kassel, Offenbach .

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Contract? How exactly does that work?
Well, there's two parts of it. First, it outlines the procedures of the brothel itself, and the laws of the state that it's situated in. You sign that in order to say that you'll comply.
Secondly, as sex workers, we do contracting work, and get paid by the booking and not the hour. :P.
What's the least you've ever made for sex?
For full sex, 60 dollars. Mind you, it's a timeframe thing. He bangs me for 5 minutes, gets off and leaves, and I get 60+ dollars out of it. Works for me. :P.
Thanks for doing this.
A few questions:
What can a client do to take the session pleasant to you?
Do you ever reject the session based on the client's look, race, personalities, etc?
Is it compulsory for you to perform a health check on client?
Apart from sex, what do you do with client during the session?
Honestly, just treating me with respect is enough. That, and not trying to make me orgasm if I'm not horny. When I have to fake it 7 times in an hour, that is NOT fun. 😛 Or, just backrubs. I love it when I get offered, and so do a lot of the girls I work with.
Nah. The only reason that I'll refuse service to a client is if there's visible signs of an STI when we perform a health check before the service. After the service has begun, I can terminate if a client is getting disrespectful, rude, or attempting to make me do things I don't want to.
Yep. I'd do it anyway even if it wasn't, but most of the brothel regulars just drop their pants and wait for me to glove up when I get in the room these days. Clients are also required to take a shower and get rid of any body or penis gunk before I'll begin.
It depends on the client and the length of the booking. Your basic service package is oral to the client, a back or body massage, and vaginal intercourse. (Ugh, it sounds so clinical. Lol.) But, in the longer bookings, you could do a spa bath or a shower with the client, you could sit and talk, or some clients like the fantasies.
Which fantasy turned out to be surprisingly fun or even turned you on also??
And how often do you reach orgasm in a week?
I had a client come in, who ended up having a bag full of lingerie and clothing that he'd just bought. We spent the hour trying it all on (both of us) and dancing around the room.
Probably not what you were expecting, but it was pretty fucking awesome at the time. :P.
Why did you go into sex work, and what made you decide to stay? Are you planning to continue to stay in this work?
I went in purely for the money, and I stayed for the money. Some girls can do it, some can't, it all depends on how well you handle drama.
And I'll stay in this line of work until I've reached my financial goals. I've never planned for this to be a permanent career, and have set a five year limit on how much I want to work.
Are there any acts that you won't do with a client? And are there certain things you only do with your partner?
Personally, there are few acts I won't perform. It narrows down to Natural sex or oral, Scat, and Golden Showers, or possibly a few smaller things that just really turn me off.
The idea is that you charge more for the "services" that you're not particularly into. Example; I'm not all that into anal, so I'll happily charge 500 dollars for it. It means that if a guy isn't too sure about wanting it, he'll pass, or if he is, I get paid well for giving out something that I'm less happy to do. This kind of thing varies between serive girls though.
Following that, as a protip; You're more likely to get a certain fetish or fantasy that you like for less if you're polite and honest to a sex worker over a drunken dick. :P.
And I do only do certain things with my partner, but it's more his kink than mine.
What is the biggest dick you have seen? The smallest?
The biggest was thicker than a 600 mL coke bottle, and about 1.5 times as long (Paaaainful.) and the smallest was a little harder to measure. Micropenis size when hard.
That being said, some men have penises that actually retract into their pubic area when soft, then grow to about six inches when hard, so you can never pick 'em til they're there. :P.
What are your average clients like and have you ever refused clients.
The average client depends on the kind of shift that's worked. I vary between day shifts and early morning shifts at the moment, and the day clients are usually the businessmen and tradesfolk in on their lunch break, or so on. The night and early morning clients tend to be a bit rowdier and a lot more sleepy. :P.
I haven't ever had to refuse a client, but we do have the right to terminate a service if a client is making us feel uncomfortable, or attempting to make us do something we don't want to do. I've come close to having to walk out, but they usually pull themselves into line after I warn them of the consequences.
Would you be okay with your partner having sex with several other women?
Edit: Apparently OP didn't mean AMAnything.

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Use of paid sex: legal Minimum age prostitution: 18 years Population: 82’369’000 Number of prostitutes: 400’000 Hotspots: BerlinMunchenKoln.
Sex 30 minutes EUR 60 Escort 1 hour EUR 100-600.
Germany has a liberal use of many aspects of the sex trade. There is a wide selection at a fairly high level at relatively low prices.
In the urban agglomeration there are sex-clubs, some with wellness areas (sauna, solarium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi), in which the guest can spend time. These clubs usually charge an entrance fee of about EUR 20-60. Mostly soft drinks are included in the price, sometimes alcoholic beverages. The girls in the clubs are working on an independent basis, but all require the same price. Half an hour with a girl in the room will cost about EUR 40-80.
A Laufhaus is a place where prostitutes rent a room, waiting for a suitor. The prostitutes normally pay day rentals and can arrange their work times and prices themselves. Sometimes the prices are set by the operator/owner. The guests walk through the corridors of the house (hence the name “Laufhaus” = “Walk House”) to talk to the girls. Most brothels have no or only a small admission fee.
Bordell, Brothel, Bordello.
Brothels are often specially equipped apartments. The customer chooses a girl (normally the girls present themselves naked or scantily clad in the entrance area in front of the customer) then goes in a room with her. Generally there is a shower in the room, in some places also a whirlpool. The number of girls working in a brothel is between 1 and 10. Compared to a sex-club with a public area, a brothel offers more privacy.

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