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The above expedition of March 1657 did not solve the issue, in fact subsequently there occurred more clashes with the rebels, who even besieged the Spanish fortress of ‘ Santiago de los Caballeros ’.
Another document tells us of some of the events that occurred during the siege, during this long period of war, the Spanish soldiers to garrison the fortress of ‘Santiago de los Caualleros ‘ suffered hunger for the shortage of food caused by the continuous war against the Dutch, the Ternatese and Tidorese rebels. As the garrison of the fort was without food and without the ability to receive it from Ternate, because of the siege, to which they were subjected by the enemy, Joseph de Garces (who was in charge of the fort) decided to attack with a force of infantry a village of the enemy to raid the food. For this purpose Juan Rodriguez de Origuey was sent with two other soldiers on reconnaissance, they were able to spy on enemies and managed to catch one enemy and to have information, which then led to the conquest and capture of the enemy village. With the food found in the village the Spaniards were able to sustain for two days, very little, but fortunately four days after this arrived from Manila the rescue that allowed the Spaniards to continue to resist the siege. A few days after this event the Dutch and Ternatese rebels entrenched and besieged with artillery a fortress ‘ nuestra ’32 For the rescue of the garrison of this fort some soldiers were sent, including Juan de Origuey. They remained in defense of this fortress as long as the rebellion lasted, occasionally making forays in order to nourish plants and other wild food. The fort of Gomafo infact, being located on a high hill overlooking the city of the king of Tidore, was not easily supplied with food during a prolonged siege. Garzes informs us that during this period, many Spanish soldiers of the fort passed to the enemy, infact they could no longer tolerate hunger. Furthermore the enemies besieged every night a village of Tidorese friends of the Spaniards,33 located near the Spanish fort, to burn and destroy it and so the Spanish sent as garrison in the village a troop of infantry. In 1658, the enemy having left the trenches in which they besieged the Spanish fort, a troop of soldiers attacked the enemies, putting them to flee. The siege lasted almost a year and Origuey tells us that the Spaniards suffered hunger, having to eat trees and wild herbs, because of these hardships more than 100 soldiers went to the enemy.34 After these events the Spaniards remained at Tidore for a few more years, and as we shall see, dismantled some garrisons on the island already, starting in 1661-1662.
Now let us see in detail such forts the Spaniards occupied or built on the island of Tidore, in the period between 1606 and 1663. In Spanish documents, I have consulted, are mentioned about a dozen of names of forts, 35 or so garrisons on the island of Tidore, which, however, are not always easy to tell where they were actually located and during what period they were actually occupied by Spanish troops. Sometimes the same fort is called by different names at different times. The actual position of the forts is very difficult to define, according to data, I could gather, these are the most probable locations of the Spanish forts on the island of Tidore:
Chobo: (Cobo, extreme northern tip of the island)
Rume: (Rum, northwest of the island)
Marieco: (Marieko, west of the island, directly on the beach)
Tomanira (probably also Marieco el Chico): (just south of Marieko, was built on a high place, near Marieco (about half a league from Marieco (2960 m)).
Marieco el Chico (probably Tomanira): ‘media legua’ (2960 m) from Marieko.
Sokanora: (just south of Soa Siu, half a league (2960 m) south of the Lugar Grande, on a hill near the sea)
Tahula, Santiago de los Caballeros: (Soa Siu, located on a hill above the sea overlooking the Lugar Grande, south of it)
Baluarte del Principe: (Soa Siu, ‘ fuerte de abajo ’ located on the beach under Tahula)
Gomafo: (Soa Siu, fort of the King of Tidore, located on a hill in the interior facing to the sea)
Fuerte de los Portugueses: (just north of Soa Siu, located north of the Lugar Grande 3 shots of espingarda 750 m), or a quarter of a league (1480 m) or a big gun shot (1000 m))
Map of Tidore, which shows the probable sites of Spanish forts. Author Marco Ramerini.
Gomafo: Fort of the King of Tidore.
Marieco: (1614 and 1619) Dutch Fort.
All other forts: Spanish forts.
Continue: Defenses of the city of the King: Lugar Grande De El Rey (Soa Siu)
Tidore 1643 Tidore 1660 Ternate and Tidore, Indonesia.
Tidore Fort Tohula, Tidore, Indonesia. Author van de Wall (1928) Fort Tohula, Tidore, Indonesia. Author van de Wall (1928)
1 “Instruccion a Juan de Esquivel para conservacion Terrenate, 02-11-1606” AGI: Patronato,47,R.17.
In all probability the date November 2, 1606 is wrong, because Acuna died in June 1606, being a copy, it may have been a copyist’s error; the date May 2, 1606 seems to be plausible.
2 Argensola, Bartolome Leonardo de “ Conquista de las islas Malucas ” (Madrid, 1609) (Madrid, 1992) 343.

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