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‘Lots of people mistakenly say that women who prostitute themselves do it for sexual pleasure, but they have no idea why we do what we do,’ said Xana, a 29-year-old divorcee from Lisbon with two children she has to ‘feed, clothe and educate.’
Pamela and her partner also split up. ‘From one day to the next he left home, and when a woman is left on her own with two children and the bills mounting up every day, life becomes pretty grim,’ said Pamela, who worked in the textile industry up to a year ago.
After several attempts to get a job, ‘nothing worked out,’ she said. The unemployment rate currently stands at 13 percent, according to official figures, and between 17 and 18 percent according to the trade unions. ‘That’s why I ended up resorting to prostitution,’ she said.
Both Xana’s and Pamela’s families are unaware of their activities. Most prostitutes lead a double life that their relatives do not know about.
IPS asked if the women knew how families reacted when they found out what their women relatives were doing. ‘According to some of the women I know, reactions vary,’ said Xana, a former office worker in Lisbon.
One woman, Xana said, ‘confessed to her parents what she was doing, and they became furious and said they would never accept it. But in other cases I know, their families accepted the idea, because they had a vested interest and expected to receive some money.’
As for the sex itself, both women stated that they themselves set the rules, defining very clearly what was acceptable and what they were not prepared to do.
‘We always insist on condoms. It doesn’t matter if a client offers more money to have unprotected sex, we won’t agree,’ said Pamela.
Can one be happy in such a life? was IPS’ final question.
Xana answered for both of them, with Pamela nodding agreement. ‘When you are constantly judged and condemned, naturally you don’t feel very good…If our line of work was regarded in the same way as any other profession, I think we would feel better about what we do.’
U.S. Department of State.
Portugal is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Trafficking victims identified in Portugal are primarily from Africa and Eastern Europe, and—to a lesser extent—Latin America and Asia. Foreign victims of forced labor are exploited in agriculture and domestic service. Foreign women and children, mostly from Africa and Eastern Europe, are subjected to sex trafficking in Portugal. Portuguese women and children are exploited in sex trafficking within the country. Portuguese victims, primarily men, are subjected to forced labor in restaurants, agriculture, and domestic work in Portugal and Spain. Portuguese victims have also been subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in other countries, mostly in Europe. Children from Eastern Europe, including those of Roma descent, are subjected to forced begging and forced criminal activity in Portugal, often by their families. Authorities report traffickers bring women and children, many from African countries, to Portugal and claim asylum before bringing victims to other European countries to be exploited in trafficking.
The Government of Portugal fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Government-provided data demonstrated increased accountability for labor and sex traffickers. The government funded three NGO-operated shelters and multidisciplinary teams to assist victims. While authorities have increased efforts to identify labor trafficking victims and hold labor traffickers accountable, the government identified few sex trafficking victims in 2014. Cases of third-party prostitution of Portuguese children were not always treated as child sex trafficking. Authorities identified a decreased number of potential and confirmed trafficking victims compared with the previous year.
Continue to increase efforts to investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses and convict traffickers, issuing sufficiently dissuasive sentences; release guidance for law enforcement, justice officials, and service providers clarifying third-party prostitution of children is child sex trafficking; implement required and systematic training for all police, prosecutors, and judges to increase trafficking investigations and victim identification and to encourage the use of trafficking laws for convictions with dissuasive sentences; increase and document use of victim services, such as shelters and residence permits; provide specialized shelter and assistance for child trafficking victims, including Portuguese child sex trafficking victims; continue to train immigration and social workers, law enforcement, labor inspectors, and NGOs on victim identification and referral; and continue to conduct trafficking awareness raising campaigns on forced labor and sex trafficking.
The government strengthened law enforcement efforts. Portugal prohibits all forms of sex and labor trafficking through Article 160 of the penal code, which prescribes penalties of three to 12 years’ imprisonment—penalties sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those for other serious crimes, such as rape. Article 160 also encompasses illegal adoption and organ removal. In addition, Article 159 prohibits slavery and prescribes penalties of five to 15 years’ imprisonment, and Article 175 prohibits the prostitution of children, with penalties of one to 10 years’ imprisonment.

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